To deliver zero-second protection against unknown and advanced threats and the effective detection of  targeted attacks, Kaspersky Lab technologies and threat intelligence continually evolve to protect your  business from even the latest, most sophisticated threats and exploits.

This protection is further enhanced by powerful control and data protection tools: Application Control with Default Deny and System Hardening, integrated Full Disk and File Level Encryption with Secure Preboot, Intelligent applications and System Patching, and Centralized Security Management with Kaspersky Security Center.


Kaspersky Lab offers a range of security solutions with tailored tools and technologies that deliver a range of tools and capabilities with increasing functionality. All components are developed in-house and form a common platform which can be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of business.


The SELECT edition includes tools to manage and protect endpoints, servers and mobile devices. There are also control tools inside: including device control and application control with Default Deny mode. These allow administrators  to effectively apply policies, ensuring  the security of critical IT infrastructure elements of any organization. This edition also includes server protection with anticryptor for shared folders functionality.


The ADVANCED edition includes all the tools from SELECT as well as data encryption, including Full Disk and File Level, and Removable Storages encryption. Vulnerability assessment tools and the automatic patching of  operating systems and applications are also included the ADVANCED edition, as is application control for servers.


Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes additional technologies to protect mail servers, internet gateways and collaboration servers

Virtualization Security

The unique architecture of Kaspersky Lab’s specialized solution provides efficient multi-layered virtual machine (VM) protection without sacrificing performance. The result is significantly higher consolidation ratios than with traditional anti-malware solutions. Scanning and update storms are now eliminated, together with windows of vulnerability or ‘instant-on’ gaps

Kaspersky Lab offers two technologies which allow you to achieve that perfect balance of optimum security and preserved performance. While the agentless solution operates in harness with core  hypervisor technologies, the light agent solution offers additional layers of protection to each VM.

To protect VMs, enterprises need only deploy a single Security Virtual Machine (SVM), to which file-level scan tasks can be offloaded. This SVM provides centralized anti-malware protection for all VMs on the host with no extra resource consumption. Built-in fault tolerance and redundancy gives your security solution the reliability you need for successful business  operations.

Deploying a Light Agent on each VM means that multi-layered protection and feature-rich security controls can be added to the mix. Security for your VMs, whether agentless, light agent based or both, can be managed, together with your physical endpoints servers and your mobile devices, from  a single console.