Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

Proven advanced threat detection empowered by machine learning and HuMachine® intelligence


Kaspersky Fraud Prevention boosts a bank’s existing security system, providing a new level of protection against fraud.

The solution protects users’ digital accounts, computers, mobile devices, and the bank’s systems. By protecting customer accounts and transactions, Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps banks to increase customer loyalty

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention helps financial institutions to stop hackers from achieving their goal by actively preventing Account TakeOver, Transaction Tampering, and Identity Theft – eliminating the threat of fraud before it happens.


Kaspersky Fraud Prevention adds a vital defensive layer to a bank’s existing fraud protection

 Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Clientless Malware Detection provides server-side technologies that protect 100% of your customers regardless of what device or platform they are using. The system allows your bank to detect access by infected customers at the earliest possible point

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Endpoints runs on your  customers’ Windows PCs and Mac computers to provide powerful root-cause prevention against malware and Internet based attacks.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention User Assessment Service protects digital banking accounts from Account TakeOver attempts from criminals trying to gain fraudulent access to your legitimate customer accounts.

 Kaspersky Fraud Prevention for Mobile helps to protect users who access their bank accounts from mobile devices (Android, iOS and Windows Phone).


Adds multi-channel security for digital banking and payments

Provides proactive, root-cause fraud prevention that allows your bank to react faster

Helps protect all kinds of users – regardless of device

Delivers ‘frictionless’ security, for a seamless user experience

Helps banks to boost customer retention, attract new customers, and increase the adoption and usage of high margin online and mobile banking.