Specialized protection for industrial control systems

Kaspersky Industrial Cyber Security is a portfolio of technologies and services designed to protect every Industrial Level, from SCADA servers, HMI’s, Engineering Workstations, PLC’s and network connections, avoiding impacts on the business continuity and on the efficiency of the production process.

The solution is developed to protect critical infrastructures based on different Industrial Control Systems, and can be tailored to address specific customer requirements on different Industrial Processes.


Holistic approach to the Industrial Cyber Security

Covers the entire cycle from risk evaluation to the incident response

Is a solution designed for Industrial Systems

Minimize the delays and the inactivities of the Production Processes

What Is an Industrial Control System?

An Industrial Control System is a complex solution that automates the main technological procedures of the whole manufacture or its constituent part

The main objective of an industrial control system is to improve efficiency of object management, and hence production efficiency

Each industrial control system project is unique to varying degrees and is closely related to the respective technological process


The solution is developed considering the specifics of industrial control systems and its settings are optimized for industrial networks

  • Protection for industrial network nodes against classic security threats (malware, vulnerabilities, etc.)
  • Control of applications and connected Protection against unauthorized device
    connections to the industrial network
  • PLC protection: integrity check for software and control commands
  • Support for industrial communication protocols and protection for critical industrial process parameters
  • Integration with SCADA and SIEM Centralized management