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Vulnerability Management

How to support an effective Vulnerability Management Program
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Vulnerability management is important to an organization’s overall security posture, and many organizations already have an established vulnerability management program. Most of these programs, however, are unable to evaluate and prioritize vulnerability data effectively.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

What it is and how to use it effectively
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In today’s world, threats are becoming higher and smarter than in the past. Security Teams, which are focused on “traditional” network security, are falling behind cyber attackers, getting overwhelmed by information, and trying to analyze artifacts to determine future scenarios.

Targeted Attacks

How to improve detection and respond faster,
to stop them before damage is done
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Cybercriminals today have evolved their techniques into more complex attacks. These kinds of threats are generally identified as Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats. This document is intended to give an overview of how these attacks differ from the others, and provide information on the techniques used to detect and prevent them.

Security Awareness

Why it is important to build behavior, not just
providing knowledge
The great importance of training and knowledge within the company is a long-established concept; too often, however, such knowledge is focused exclusively on the company’s core business and on its production cycles. The quick evolution of IT tools, their pervasiveness within all company functions and the emergence of increasingly frequent and complex threats have introduced a new critical factor related to their use.