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A managed solution to protect your organization from external threats, continually identifying where your relevant assets are exposed, providing sufficient context to understand the risk, and options for remediation. Your relevant Digital Assets can be selected on the following categories: Data Loss Detection (Employee Credentials, Sensitive Marked Documents, Customer Data, Intellectual Property), Online Brand Security (Domain Monitoring, Mobile Apps Risks, Social Media, Brand Misuse), Attack Surface Reduction (Certificate Weaknesses, Exploitable Vulnerabilities, Misconfigured Devices, Exposed Open Ports)

The most comprehensive coverage across the open, deep, and dark web, backed by our Service Manager as a primary Point of contact.



A managed solution to simplify your security and compliance operations removing the ongoing efforts that Vulnerability Management places on your security team. The VM as a Service provides you wih Vulnerability Trends (complete visibility of vulnerabilities in your applications and network), Remediation Flow (allows to easily manage the remediation flow of each detected Vulnerabilities), Risk Management (Technological risk must be correlated with Asset Criticality to prioritize the Remediation Flow) and Analytics (for dashboarding and Reporting tailored for your environment)

Our VM as a Service is managed by our Service Manager and it is integrated with the best-in-class Vulnerability Management Tools.


Helping Companies to build an effective educational program to reduce the human mistakes that are the biggest cyber-risk to enterprises today

Simulation of the impact of cyber-attacks on business performance



  • Reviewing and implementation of application security best practices.
  • Securing data within identified applications, databases by data encryption, scrambling, and masking
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test
  • Secure Code Development