Q6 Cyber


Q6 Cyber is a fast-growing, innovative threat intelligence company. Q6 Cyber monitors the digital “underground” (including the DarkNet, the DeepWeb, and other open and restricted sources) to collect targeted and actionable threat intelligence related to cyber-attacks, fraud activity, and existing data breaches.

Traditional security and anti-fraud solutions are generally designed to detect and fend off attacks in real time. Unfortunately, that is too little and too late as evidenced by the steady rise of financial fraud, data breaches, and other electronic crimes. The shift to the cloud and IoT has also expanded the attack surface. Even the most secure organizations can do little to protect their customers, third parties, and vendors that are often far more susceptible to electronic crimes.

With the Partnership with Q6 Cyber, we protect our clients by monitoring the threat actors themselves. Who are they targeting? What tools and tactics are they using? What data is already compromised? Our mission is to change the security and anti-fraud paradigm from reactive to proactive by providing timely and actionable e-crime intelligence to thwart the most relevant threats and adversaries.

We have been at the front lines of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and corporations fighting fraud, cyber threats and cybercrime. We deeply understand the myriad of challenges that organizations face and the limitations of traditional intelligence offerings. We are keenly aware that security and anti-fraud professionals consume overwhelming amounts of data and “noise” from numerous internal and external sources. We strive to deliver distilled, high-quality intelligence that is impactful and measurable.

Customer Account Takeover

Identify customers at high risk of account takeover, before it happens

Compromised Payment Cards

Identify credit, debit and gift cards that have been compromised, before the fraud occurs

Breach Alerts

Flag merchant breaches weekes before they are made public and mitigate payment card fraud

Mule Accounts

Flag internal and external mule accounts to prevent illicit fund transfers.

Indicators of Internal Compromise

Detect and contain actual compromise of internal systems, infrastructure, personnel, or data

3rd /4th Party Risk

Identify compromise of key 3rd/4th parties to manage and reduce your exposure.

Actors and TTPs (tactics, techniques, procedures): 

Understand key threats and rogue actors targeting your organization and peer companies

Senior Executive Monitoring

Uncover leaked data and threats targeting senior executives and board members.

Compromised Employee Credentials

Prevent unauthorized access of employee accounts and network intrusions