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Business Process Management
and Security Technology Orchestration.

A single platform to get full control of all your business


RHD is a platform that automates, organizes and secures all business processes in a Company. It is able to interface with the existing technologies, and it allows to rationalize the business organization in a dynamic architecture that can follow the rapid changes in business scenarios

Increase Your Business Performances

Combining advanced IT technologies and organizational methodologies, RHD increases business performances

Integrate with your organization

Custom workflows and modules, and connectors with the technologies already in use within the organization, make RHD fully adaptable to almost every business’s architecture and scenario.

Share Relevant information in real time

Every actor of the process has easy and real time access to all the information he needs, with the possibility to choose the best level of detail depending on his tasks.

Get a complete, clear view of all your information

Fully customizable dashboards, including various types of charts and graphs for data visualization, for a complete, clear and simple presentation and availability of all the information

Make faster decisions

RHD significantly reduces the time required for information processing by providing real-time availability of all information, allowing faster and better decision making.

Keep track of everything

All the information is collected and stored in a single repository, and the history of every single document or process is fully tracked, making data and information retrieval much faster and easier.



Vulnerability detection and management as part of an integrated and continuous process, resulting in faster identification of the vulnerabilities and easier management of their remediation flow.


Near-Real Time Collection and management of Fraud patterns and user profiling data coming from different sources collected and managed through a single interface. Tackle Frauds faster, more effectively, with fewer losses.


Ongoing assessment and risk analysis that allows you to detect any issues as they occur, and remediate promptly in compliance with the new GDPR requirements